Gigi Melancon, 200RYT, CHC

Ellen East, 200RYT, CHC


Kimbrena Cravens, Pop Pilates and Barre

Dominee Mackenzie, 200RYT, yoga

Carole Byrum, 200RYT, yoga

Our Yoga Instructors

Each yoga class at Studio 4WholeHealth is as unique as the instructor teaching the class. All instructors design their own classes and we each have very different personalities which shine through in our instruction style. If you come to a Vinyasa Flow class one day, and come back the next day for the same class with a different instructor, don't expect it to be anything like the class you had the day before!.


We honor all of our instructors for their unique personalities.  We recommend you try classes led by different instructors and try various types of classes to see what works best for you.


Click below to meet our instructors.

20 Depot Street Hartwell, Georgia 30643



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