Why Hire a Fitness Instructor?

Movement. How important is movement to your mind and body? How often do you create movement? How do you feel after you exercise?


Our bodies were made to move, yet the more technologically advanced we become, the less movement is required for daily living. Our sedentary lifestyles are killing us! Remember the old saying, "Move it or lose it"? That saying is applicable to every muscle in your body! Once you understand the physiological benefits exercise and movement have on your entire body, you'll never want to sit still!

Wondering how you can add exercise to your life if you are already short of time, stressed out or in pain? Our fitness Instructor is here to facilitate movement into your daily activities. She will guide you toward a healthier lifestyle that leaves you feeling energized, satisfied and ready to take on your next project - or that next pick-up basketball game!

Ready to join the tribe and get started? Call Tamy directly to book a session today!

About Our Fitness Instructor

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Tamy works by appointment only. Please call her directly at 706-961-9006 to book your next appointment.

For your convenience, we have listed Tamy's pricing options below. You will need to pay Tamy directly for her services.

Personal Fitness Instructor

Tamy White is a certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer with a specialty certification in Kettle Bell training. Her passion is to help clients live more fully by achieving fitness. Mindful and purposeful training are her preferred tools to help anyone of any age achieve stamina and strength for a better quality of life.


Tamy’s dedication to fitness comes from seeing the impact in her own life. At age 46, after a career as an interior specialist and window fashion designer, she found herself short of breath, with a high heart rate and low endurance levels. Keeping up with her three teenage sons became a challenge. After three months of cardiovascular and strength training, she saw a significant, positive change in all aspects of her life. Tamy has never looked back and now participates in several triathlons each year, achieving podium finishes in her division. She also has completed two Half Ironman triathlons, which are 70.3 miles in length.


Her enthusiasm for physical training was fueled by watching loved ones “live short and die long.” Her goal is to help others live life abundantly, and this quote serves as a motto: “I will not tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death’s door.” Tamy believes in training the mind, too, to enable clients to trust that they can make progress.


Tamy lives in Hartwell, GA, with her husband Gerald. They have three sons and nine grandchildren.

20 Depot Street Hartwell, Georgia 30643


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