Individual Coaching

Why Hire a Health Coach?

Life can be hard, uneasy and sometimes difficult. Sometimes we are not on the right path and don't know how to get on the path we desire. Sometimes we struggle with our relationship with food. Some of us may have a recent diagnosis of a chronic condition and are overwhelmed with its management. Some of us want to start an exercise program but don't know how to begin.


Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed? Are you looking for ways to decompress? How do you deal with these common life issues? How do you identify the changes you desire and the path that will lead you toward that goal? How do you motivate yourself to make the small changes necessary that positively impact your life and health? How can a health or life coach help?


Health and life coaches provide you with a safe, confidential space and allow you to explore how to make small life changes that create a large impact. We address mind, heart, body and soul, to help you find a place of personal balance and wellness. Mindfulness and personal training create awareness of the mind/body connection, providing the tools necessary to mentally handle life's challenges. Equally important is the physical side- physical movement and healthy eating habits help create balance and energy, allowing you to physically handle life's challenges.  Mind + Heart + Body + Soul = Wellness.


At 4WholeHealth, we start where ever you are on your journey and help guide you toward healthy habits of the mind, heart, body and soul that leave you feeling healthy, energized, and balanced. We are here to shine the light on the path you wish to be on. We are here to encourage, motivate, listen, and reflect, allowing you to create your best self. Are you ready? Join us!

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